The Nitty Gritty’s About Harvesting Flowers

After being in business for over 20 years, we assure our clients top-quality  flowers and excellent after-service. Our years of experience equips us to provide our clients with the best product. 

When harvesting flowers, timing can be crucial to ensure longer vase life. Harvest too late, and you can reduce vase life. Harvest too soon, and you have an immature flower that needs more time to develop and may never properly bloom. 

So, how do you know when to harvest flowers?

The timing of harvesting flowers is two topics: at what point in the flower’s maturation process and at what time of day to gather. Of course, there are many types of flowers, so your mileage may vary by species.

Flowers should be harvested in the morning (after the dew has dried) or evening, not during the day’s heat. Flowers should be harvested in the morning when temperatures and plant water content are high. Late afternoon or evening also has possibilities because the plants have stored carbohydrates from the day, providing food reserves for the plant material.

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