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From planting to harvesting and transporting our premium produce of roses to our clients’ doorstep, we cover it all.

Our skilled workforce of 1800 employees are all trained experts. At PJ Dave Flowers, we are committed to sustainable and responsible development. We are proud to be Fair Trade certified, making a difference in the lives of the people who grow what we love.

Our portfolio boasts 50 rose varieties, ranging from medium to large head sizes. PJ Dave Flowers is the largest producer and exporter of Rhodos roses, famously known for being thornless, their vibrant red colour, large bloom and long vase life. Our roses are globally recognized by the names Madam Red, Moon Walk, Athena, Mandala, and Wedding Bell, to name a few.

Every year, we export 200 million roses to over 60 countries around the world. From Australia to Bahrain. From Thailand to Norway – We are a global brand.

We care about our environment and have made great strides in going green. From installing solar power to recycling all our drained irrigation water to using sugarcane remains for our export boxes.

PJ Dave Flowers is pleased to be MPS-ABC certified. We continuously aim to make our farm more sustainable for our people and the environment.

Over the two decades we have been in business, we have built a reputation for excellence, continuously improving our standards, products and services. Cut flowers are Kenya’s second-largest export, contributing about 1% of the country’s GDP. We have the facilities to keep up with the world’s demand and are globally known to produce intermediate, premium and super-premium roses.

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Our Speciality

In 2013 Pravin Dave decided to take the biggest risk the flower industry had seen. With the joint decision of his family, they planted a large area of Rhodos variety, consisting of 70% of the 99 hectares of land, making the PJ Dave family the biggest growers of Rhodos variety.  

The reason it was a risk was that roses are always sold in colours of five. With such a large number of red, it was out of proportion to be able to sell it on its own. 

Secondly, Rhodos was rejected by all the farmers including the breeder of Rhodos. Pravin’s reasoning behind it was “it is a promising variety with a big bud size in low altitude”, so it will gain traction amongst international buyers.  

Nine years later, it’s one of the best red varieties and the only red variety on our farms to sell without the 5 accompanying colours. 

Our History

The company was established 20 years ago within the Athi Kapiti plains 60km south of Nairobi in Kajiado County along the Athi River – Kajiado Namanga international highway and 1km South of Isinya Divisional Headquarters. The farm ventured into rose production in 1998 for international market. Since then, we have been expanding on growing of flowers and currently we have 48-hectare greenhouses all under flowers. 

We continue to focus on delivering high quality products and services to our customers from all walks of life. Over the years, P.J Dave Flowers has maintained a reputation of producing a reward winning quality products, and this is our core driving principle of our business. As the Kenyan economy grows, we aim to expand our businesses, as well as increase our volumes of exported Flowers.

To evidence this, the company has set objectives and targets that are aimed at catapulting the realization of all set company goals that dissect across all the company operations that includes but not limited to:


We adhere to the highest standards in all our operations.

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