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Kenya’s leading growers and exporters of high quality roses for 18 years.

PJ Dave Group is one of Kenya’s leading growers and exporters of high quality roses with a specific focus of serving its customers, who recognize the Group as one of the foremost brands to do business with.

Our range of unique, vibrant and highly popular flowers come in various head size and lengths (from 4.5 cm head to 6.5 cm) – with globally recognized names such as; 3D, Confidential, Navarra, Knox, Ace Pink, Alison, Athena, Bellevue, Bellerose, Ever Red, Deep Purple, Dekora, Good Times, Julischka, LaBelle, Madam Red, Mariyo, Memory, Moonwalk, Nightingale, Pink Rhodos, Proud, Revival, Rhodos, Roseberry, Senorita, Salambo, Sunglaze, Spritz, Tamara, Utopia, Vanilla Sky and Wedding Bell.

Our History

The PJ Dave Group is a family-owned cut-flower business that grows and exports cut Roses daily to customers around the world. The group has established its name and respect for their continued excellence in the global market. Our farms PJ Dave Flowers Timau and PJ Dave Flowers, compliment, empower and compete in the marketing and exporting of their individual products.

Having worked our way up as a leading brand in the past 18 years, the PJ Dave Group companies are located in idyllic landscapes and at different altitudes across Kenya – with  PJ Flowers set in Kajiado County’s Athi Kapiti plains and with ‘Rising Sun’ nestled on the slopes of Mount Kenya.


We adhere to the highest standards in all our operations.

Recent News

A perfected blend of creativity, happiness and love. Let us share a rose for your every emotion.

Did someone just say no weddings? During the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic, most weddings were canceled or postponed.