Flower arrangement tips for a small wedding

Did someone just say no weddings? During the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic, most weddings were canceled or postponed. The bright side is that now people have gotten a hang of how to stay safe from COVID-19 and still have a good time at weddings.

Due to the newly set rules, lovers are being forced to conduct small weddings but a small wedding does not mean it has to be dull. Essential aspects of a lit wedding include: a stunning bride and groom, a beautiful entourage, great music, good food and of course, beautiful flowers.  Imagine a wedding without flowers? Hard to imagine! Flowers are a source of beauty and provide that glam, and liveliness of a place. Flowers and deco help to bring out the correct ambience for both the lovebirds and the audience.

Remember, buying flowers is one thing but arranging them is another. Flower arrangement is an art. You need to know what you’re doing to avoid messing them up. No idea where to start? Worry no more, here are some flower arrangement tips to get you started:

Select flowers of your choice

What type of flowers do you want for your big day? Flower selection is vital. Certain flowers bloom in certain seasons, but the good news is that certain flowers bloom all year. A good example is rose flowers. In that case, when choosing a type of flower for your wedding, consider one that blooms during the particular season you plan to hold your wedding

Choose your colors

Depending on the wedding, the colors of the flowers are very important. You don’t want to choose colors that don’t match the occasion. Be very careful about your choice because colors set the mood. Therefore, dull colors are not a good option. You can either choose different shades that complement each other or one type of shade.

Type and cleanliness of vase

Vases vary in terms of shape. The shape you choose depends on the place and the arrangement. In a wedding scenario for example, you can choose to go with large round flower vases to capture attention. Besides that, it is important to ensure your vase is as clean as possible so that your flowers can remain fresh throughout the wedding day. 

Cut the rose flower stems at an angle

Is this even necessary? Yes! Cutting its stems at an angle of 45 degrees is more preferable to cutting them straight as it plays a major role in water absorption. Water is drawn up through its stems enhancing its life and its beauty. 

Wrap your flowers in a wet paper or spray some water.

When using flower vases, then you have nothing to worry about. Pour water into your vases and let your flowers sit in there. If you are not using vases ensure you wrap your flowers in a wet paper or spray some water to keep them refreshed all day long. 

Venue influences your arrangement

Did you know the venue of the wedding influences arrangement of flowers? For example, if your wedding is being conducted at a garden its arrangement will be somewhat different from an indoor wedding. Outdoor weddings for instance don’t need a wide range of flowers or extensive decoration. Why is that? Mother nature! We all know we can’t compete with the beauty of nature.  Thus choose flowers that complement the area. For indoor weddings, it’s the exact opposite. Whether you want extensive décor or simple, depends on you.   With that said, consider your venue before deciding on choice of flowers. Ensure they aren’t looking out of place.

Finally, complete your bouquet with greenery

It is almost impossible to remember greenery when you have your lovely flowers. However, don’t ignore them as they add an interesting attractiveness to your flowers. Be sure to be very careful because they can mess up the arrangement of your flowers. Alternatively, when used correctly, they will be a source of great beauty.

The above flower arrangement tips are useful for wedding event companies, event planners and couples who are about to exchange their vows. They will help you get started on what to do when prepping for a small wedding.

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