Our Processes 101

You can call us the flower experts, from grafting to harvesting, quality control, storage and transportation. We know everything about flowers!

Our team works hard to ensure all processes are delivered with the highest standards all year round. 

Our processes are simple and easy. We pride ourselves on following these steps…


New Plants

We isolate our new plants for 3-4 weeks to get them ready to fully bloom in the greenhouses. This process is called hardening and helps prevent plants from being damaged or even killed by sunburn.


Freshwater is key to achieving high-quality roses. We have invested heavily in reverse osmosis systems for our irrigation water. State of the art machinery feeds all our greenhouses and propagation units with a fully computerised and automated fertigation system. This ensures EC and pH levels are consistent and optimal throughout, giving our roses a longer vase life.


At harvest time, the roses are carefully cut at the desired length, bundled in protective nets and put in a post-harvest solution. They are then transported to the intake hall via a banana system. Up to 500,000 stems are harvested every day.


The roses are bunched according to size and marked with a code – a crucial process to guarantee our customers receive excellent roses every time. The graded roses are stored in a cold room before being packed, weighed, labelled, and exported.

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